– Curated by Mackenzie Rowe and Sam

Opening 8th April at China Heights Gallery & Studios

Born from a morning stroll around the city, the concept for ‘Homies’ explores the boundaries of figurative sculpture and ceramics. This exhibition brings together artists who share ties in their obvious and abstracted representations of the figure, reflecting the varying nature of the body: a vessel to hold our character, our emotions, our intentions.

Through body language, we engage in a sense of conversation and connection both intimately and with others. Homies is a tribute to these relationships that we form, whether established friends or acquaintances, that help us to keep going and keep making.

Programmed by Mackenzie Rowe and Sam Stephenson, this group exhibition also features work by; Stephen Bird, Marianna Ebersoll, Ryan Hancock, Ben King, Charlotte Le Brocque, Sassy Park, & Amelia Skelton.

Sassy Park, ‘Sisters, 2021’

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