Vase and Flower Show 2

Opening: 20th April – 1st May 2022
7 Clovelly Road, Randwick

online: www.thevaseandflowershow
instagram: @thevaseandflowershow
Contact: Sassy Park – 0417479181

In this second presentation of the vase and flower show, 21 ceramic artists from around Australia have
again been asked to expand on the idea of the ‘vase of flowers’.

The vase can be seen as a halfway object, operating between functional and decorative roles, and carrying the outside world in. Nature in the form of flowers, leaves and plants, brought in to the house bring us solace and joy. Their ephemeral beauty refreshes and renews our interior worlds, both physical and mental.
This year’s exhibition opens on the 20 April to 1 May at 7 Clovelly Road, Randwick near the Centennial Park end.
Contributors include renowned ceramic artists, Stephen Bird, Toni Warburton, Patsy Hely, Helen Fuller, Ebony Russell, Jenny Orchard and Sandy Lockwood, as well as emerging artists and new contributors. As the global pandemic continues, we are spending more time at home than maybe every before. Ceramics is a medium that crosses boundaries, engages audiences with its familiarity whilst challenging material stereotypes. Ceramics speaks further than a functional object. It carries histories and traditions, personal sentiments and nostalgia.
The vase and flower show presents ceramic works in a novel way; functional objects as art objects, art objects as functional object. The exhibition is a presentation that our senses respond to instantly. The room is filled with the perfume of leaves and blossom, and a scene of pattern and texture, delighting visitors with its smells and colours. The tableau of objects and organic life is an installation of joy. It is something we all needed at this time.
Please join us this April for the vase and flower show 2 and follow us on @thevaseandflowershow

The online catalogue is available on-line at www.thevaseandflowershow from the 20th April.

Covid-safe information:
We comply with all the lates government guidelines for Covid safety. We request that if you are feeling unwell, please
stay at home and look at the exhibition on-line.

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