Kil.n.it shared workshop is a creative space for members to hire.

In the workshop you will find the tools and equipment you’ll need to develop your ceramic practice.

The kil.n.it workshop is the perfect place to create your unique ceramic works. Members can hire the workshop in 4-hour time slots: 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week. Capacity is 2 people. (Subject to change due to Public Health Orders).

Tools and equipment include:
  • 2 Shimpo wheels
  • 2 large workbenches
  • A wide selection of ceramics tools
  • An extruder
  • Work in progress drying shelves
  • Traps on the sinks
  • Storage lockers (can be hired at a minimal cost)
  • Various clay types are available for purchase.

Glaze Kitchen

Kil.n.it’s glaze kitchen provides members with all the raw materials you need to create your own glaze recipes.

Small but mighty, the kitchen needs to be treated with respect. Always wear a P2 rated mask, gloves and an apron when mixing your glazes.

kil.n.it also keeps a small range of commercial dipping glazes in a variety of temperatures (to be used on site only). Glaze materials and commercial glazes are available for purchase (members only).

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