The firing service operates throughout the week. We have four kilns, which provide communal firings and whole kiln bookings to members.

With a 24-hour ‘drop off and pick up’ station, members can bring their work in any time before their booking and collect their fired pieces at a time that best suits them.

  • Whole kiln bookings (custom temperature), Communal Bisque (980 degrees celsius) and Stoneware (1280 degrees celsius) firings occur every week
  • Communal Midfire (1200 degrees celsius) firings occur regularly.
  • Communal Earthenware (1080 degrees celsius) firings occur regularly.

Circumstances may require adjustments to the schedule which is excellently handled by our studio team.

Internship Program has an active intern program, providing students from UNSW, NAS and TAFE courses with the opportunity to work within a vibrant ceramics studio and create connections with the clay community.

For information, please contact our studio manager at

Master Classes & Private Tuition

Please enquire via email ( to learn more about classes and tuition at Studios.