Workshop Hire

The workshop is accessible 24/7!

Capacity is 2 people. Please adhere to social distancing guidelines.
(Click here for NSW Health)

To use our workshop:
  • You must have completed the Studio Induction
  • You must have at least some experience with clay (i.e. participated in a class with or neighbouring institutions; and are able to work alone).
  • If you’ve never worked with clay before you can enquire about a beginner class with one of our practitioners. Contact via for more information.
  • You must be 18+ years of age (please contact us for an exemption)
  • You must clean the space thoroughly at the end of your time slot according to the cleaning checklist in the workshop. Thank you for helping us maintain the safety of our staff and community members. (Click here for NSW Health)
What is included in the Workshop booking:​
  • Access to the Glaze Kitchen and raw materials (view our Shop).
  • Workshop has a range of tools for you to use, including:
    1. Wheel throwing tools
    2. Hand building tools
    3. Glaze mixer
    4. Heat guns, bowls and sponges.
    5. Pottery wheels
    6. Slab roller
    7. Extruder
  • If using the communal tools, please clean them properly after use.
  • Space to store your work in progress and drying works.
  • Space to store your tools and clay.

Note: If you wish to use the glaze materials only, please still book a 4 hours time slot in the workshop.

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