Experimental Ceramics Studio is a not-for-profit incorporated association of experimental ceramic artists and community members. We believe in sharing skills and supporting the development of each artist’s unique ceramic practice.’s central aim is to provide creative spaces and services to nurture the exploration of ceramics. was established in August 2015 as a not-for-profit cultural organisation, opening its doors to tenants and studio members.

The Studio Includes:
  • A shared workshop space
  • The glaze kitchen
  • Firing service
  • 8 privately leased artist studios.

Artists at enjoy working in a community of like-minded people who share the common goal of developing their ceramics practice and knowledge. is centrally located in the inner-city suburb of Glebe, with easy access to public transport and other services.

Studio Artists

Jayanto Tan

Kate Robinson

Adrienne Richards

Ebony Russell

Jan Downes

Scott Duncan

Alexandra Standen

Vivienne Hill

Elizabeth Lewis

Rina Bernabei

Kelly Brown

Sassy Park

Elaine Kim

Ellen Bagge

Dani King

Charlie Komsic

Sebastian Conti

Kirsty Collins


Caitlin Hurley (Catie)
Cara David
Connie Anthes
David Helmers
Dylan Goh
Eloise Rankine
Gabrielle Germanos
Glenn Barkley
Holly Macdonald
Jenni Eleutheriades
Jesse Owens
Kati Watson
Len Joynson
Luke Letourneau
Luke O’Connor
Madeleine Preston
Mechelle Bounpraseuth
Joseph Turrin
Elizabeth Lewis

Ohni Blu
Paige Phillips
Rachael McCallum
Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran
EJ Son
Kristen Radge
Annie Areum Shin
Elaine Kim
Elizabeth Lewis
Lani Toke
Poppy Fu
Rosie Brooker
Brigitte Orehov
Jimin Hong
Ben King
Anne Kwasner
Ella Tindal
Sebastian Conti

Friends of

Clinton Bradley
Angela Beecroft
Phillip and Margaret Cronk
Clare East
Cate Hickson
Max Germanos
Timothy Gerrard
Christopher Hodges and Helen Eager
Sonia Legge
Polly Ma

Hugh McCormack
Margaret McKenna
Richard McKinnon
Tina Melik
Sagy Nathan
Tom Rankine
Steve and Belinda Rankine
Bev Shroot
Kerri Anne Smith

Studio Team

Ella Tindal

Studio Manager

Ellen Bagge

Studio Assistant Manager


Adrienne Richards
Vice President
Kate Robinson
Belinda Rankine
Ebony Russell
Public Fund
Fiona Chow
Public Fund
Anna Blacket
Public Fund
Ella Tindal
Committee Member
Kelly Brown
Committee Member
Tina Melick is made possible by the generous support of the City of Sydney Accommodation Grants Program and private funding.