Terms and Conditions

Use of our Kilns – Terms and Conditions

Every ceramic kiln firing is essentially an experiment. Our firings are priced to be as affordable as possible to encourage exploration of material. Charges for firings are set by kil.n.it and are non-negotiable. Pricing is listed on our website.

All works submitted for firing must be booked in via the website and are subject to the following terms and conditions: 

  1. kil.n.it will take all care but no responsibility for loss or damage and reserves the right to refuse any item which we feel may cause problems in the kiln.
  2. Firings must be booked and paid for in advance through our website. Priority will be given to paid quarter, half and whole space on all occasions. In the case of gaps, these should also be paid for in advance and are costed at a minimum of $7 per piece (see size chart), however they will only be included if space permits. Every effort will be made not to allow overbooking of kiln space, so that on most occasions gaps will be included in the firing for which they are booked.
  3. Works must be ready and delivered for firing at the latest by 11am on the day of firing, but an earlier drop off is ideal.
  4. All firings will be packed and operated by our technicians and will only be done when a kiln is full. If work is needed urgently, the whole kiln space can be hired at a whole kiln price.
  5. You must supply specific details of the clay and/or glaze used when booking online or your work cannot be fired. The base and 5mm from the base must be free from glaze. If you absolutely need to glaze the bottom of your piece, you must provide the correct props for your work.
  6. Reasonable preparation of works before a glaze firing is required and the provision of setters is then responsibility of the artist.
  7. All work must be clearly labelled with your name. Please do not leave your work in boxes as we cannot store them.
  8. It is recommended where work is fragile or extremely weighted that the artist be present for the period of packing to assist with objects. This may be subject to change due to current Covid 19 guidelines.
  9. Temperature adjustments are not possible in communal firings as the settings are chosen to achieve overall kiln firing success.
  10. A kiln will not be opened for unpacking until it is below 100 degrees.
  11. All work not collected within 2 months will be disposed of, unless otherwise arranged.
  12. If these rules are not adhered to, you will be liable for any damage to our kilns and /or shelves and will be required to pay any repair or replacement costs.
  13. To use our services, you must be double vaccinated against Covid 19, and must adhere to all current guidelines and recommendations by either NSW Health or the World Health Organisation.